Thursday, April 28, 2005

NEWSFLASH: Nights out on the piss awaken desire to blog...

I didn't wake up until about eleven o'clock this morning. However, given that I didn't go to bed until five o'clock in the morning, I think that this might be justified just an incy wincy bit. What is wholly unjustified however is the fact that I went out last night, drank a(n admittedly small) range of alcoholic beverages, and stayed up such an ungodly hour in the morning. This leads me to wonder how the results of unjustified actions can be justified in themselves. Surely, there's some sort of clause that should prevent this from happening. Nonetheless, it did. And I slept through yet another my 'Intellectuals and Politics in France since WWII' seminars. Subsequently, this unjustifiable absence was followed by the justified decision that I would also skip my 12 o'clock lecture purely because "old habits die hard".

This of course leads to all sorts of mishaps. I had a journal loan from the library that needed to be returned at 1.30pm, and, of course, who else should be sitting outside the entrance to the library other than the tutor for the aformentioned seminar? Erm, no-one; it was him. This called for quite a swift detour round the back of the library and through the union in the hope that by my return not only would he not be there, but I would still be able to return the journal without a fine. I'll consider it good luck indeed that on my return he was just stubbing out his cigarette and entering the library myself; still luckier that he didn't queue for the issue desk.

Other than this, very little has happened this morning. I have typed 477 words for a 2000-word essay due tomorrow. I have showered. I have spoken to my housemates. And that's about it.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another turning point in my life. Went out last night. More things were said about me. I remember them despite getting seriously wasted. Feel shit in more ways than one. Going to do something about it up until the point where I forget all about last night and get bored of doing stuff. Otherwise, I'm supposed to be reading Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and writing a 1000 word essay for my 'Twentieth Century Gothic' unit. And I was supposed to hand in my options form yesterday... something that I completely forgot all about until it popped into my head right now. Doh!