Friday, February 18, 2005

a lonely heart

I think I'm finally beginning to feel the obligatory isolation of a teenager with no love in his life. Sure, I'm heading towards the last stages of adolescence, but nonetheless, I'm feeling stereotypical angst-type feelings, and have a strong urge to couple with randoms. This wouldn't be so bad if my track-record was a little better, or perhaps if I even had a track-record. My one and only "real" date involved my companion making conversation with some other bloke that I later heard she was really interested in, and also with me spilling coffee down a light coloured t-shirt. Not really much smooth-moving there.

It's not like girls haven't showed me any attention, it's just that the attention I recieve is either of a purely platonic nature, or from somebody that I find extremely undesirable. Perhaps I should just lower my standards (if I really do have any) and take up a kind of "first come, first served" procedure. Saying that, why should I have to lower my standards... perhaps somebody else should lower theirs...

Saying that, if you're reading this, are female, and are between the ages of 18 and 24, and don't think I sound too much of a weird-o, then perhaps you'd like to drop me a line. Probably not. But then desperate times call for desperate measures.

Geez! Go fuck yourself, Wordsworth...


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