Tuesday, November 16, 2004

the four-day hell...

Well, I've got to admit it - I'm pretty pissed off. It started of as a weekend from hell, but, including Friday and Monday, I've extended it to four. Life, or at least, immediately experienced life, has been pretty shit. Or perhaps I'm just stressed out by the essay due to be handed in tomorrow that I haven't finished yet. How that relates to runny dog chocolate, the most boring wedding ever, a cancelled concert, the most awkward Saturday night/Sunday morning ever, and the absence of my Monday evening relaxation therapy, I don't know. I'm merely stipulating that I may not have taken the succession of these events as well as I could have, had I not had the weight of three essays, and my Careers assignment to contend with. Midwifery, at this moment in time, seems like heaven.

I guess what has really pushed me over the edge was missing The OC last night. Or rather, my stubborn refusal to watch it. However, a man has to have his morals. Even if they're a little misguided and, in the grand scheme of things, a little pathetic. On the other hand, having worked on my Literary Detectives essay non-stop for most of the afternoon, I think I'm a little entitled to this hissy fit. My evening started off fairly well. I had got a burger roll out of the freezer the night before to defrost so that I could have chicken burger and chips for my dinner that evening. I even went down to Tesco Express at 8pm to go get some lettuce for the occasion, along with some light vinaigrette as a dressing for the extra bit of side salad I was going to have with it - the lettuce being for inside the burger. Started cooking at about half eightish, meaning that my dinner would be ready just in time for The OC at nine. Now, I wouldn't be so particular about all this, if it wasn't for the fact that other the last six weeks or so, my housemates have all gone out on Monday nights, leaving me on my lonesome. Sure, I resent that. But then, if I can't go out because of Tuesday's 9am seminar, I can't go out. Besides, as consolation, no matter how much I resented being left out, I had new OC to cheer me up. Better than that, I had new OC without the annoyance of somebody talking over the experience about whatever crap decided to manifest itself in their thoughts, or, the even more frustrating act of chamming, which the less mannered of the housemates is really starting to bug me with - and at this point, I do realise that I'm becoming quite the snooty little bitch. Anyway, dinner was ready by 8.55pm, and I sat down in the lounge ready for a period of televisual delectation. Dunc was in control of the remote at this time, and although he had Red Dwarf on, I was kind of confident that I could trust in him to remember that OC was on, without me having to usurp the right to the television. He didn't, BUT not wanting to be a mould of mediocre fascist, I let it slide, figuring I could watch it 10pm on replay.

Luck would have it, however, that Dunc would point out at 9.15pm that OC was infact on. I suggested that we carry on watching something else for the time being, and then watch the episode in full at 10pm. Of course, being a less-respected member of the household -[I think it might just have something to do with the fact that I don't talk over or cham during television programmes or movies while somebody's trying to watch them, and that I, in general, did have some sort of moral guidance as a child. This might not be the reason, but I suspect it is]- my suggestion was ignored, and Laurence's was upheld. They would watch OC now, despite the fact that they had already missed fifteen minutes of it. I told them that since I would rather watch the episode in full, I'd go to my room and watch it 10pm. I guess I vaguely hoped that somebody would say that we could watch something else, so that yet again I wouldn't feel excluded, or that I should exclude myself. That didn't happen. So, I went back to my room, and brooded. At around 9.30pm, Dunc knocked on my door to ask if he could borrow some lettuce. I said yes. Why not? I'm a nice guy. I think. But no mention of the fact that I was sit in my room, on my own, isolated from the rest of the guys. At this point, I decided that I wouldn't be watching OC at 10. Since Dunc, Ian and Larry had watched it already, I didn't want to have to either a) sit and watch it on my own knowing that I had made them leave the room because they had already seen it -[despite the fact that they had given no consideration to the fact that I felt I had to leave the room]- or b) sit and watch it listening to Dunc and Ian chatting over the programme, or Ian chamming all the way through it. And so, in my stubbornness, I decided to go to sleep. I figured I could wake up at either 12am or 1am, and catch the other repeats. That too was blown out of the water. Dunc was playing San Andreas at 12am, and Ian and Evelyn were watching soft porn on Bravo at 1am. So, basically, what was supposed to be a relaxing evening, became one big giant wind-up. Now, I can appreciate that the guys didn't set out to put me in this bad mood, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm in a bad mood. Ignorance doesn't excuse responsibility. And I guess that's what annoys me, or at least, what has annoyed me, at the end of the day.

Anyway, I'm now going to have to wait until Sunday to watch what I have now found out to be the penultimate episode of the first season. Meaning, that it would have been a highly entertaining episode as all penultimate episodes are -[episode, episode, episode, episode, episode, episode, episode, episode, episode....]. What's worse is that once my housemates sense that I'm a little 'sour grapes' over last night, I'm absolutely sure that instead of being sympathetic to my pathetic cause, they will smite it down, and will most probably do so with details of the plot from the episode. Of course, knowing what happens won't actually affect my enjoyment of finally watching it, it will just be all the more annoying that they tried to ruin it even more for me.

And with that, I think I should probably stop bitching, and start writing my essay. Life is hard.


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