Saturday, October 16, 2004

Today started well. I got up at the fairly remarkable time of 8.30am (or thereabouts), and proceeded to make oneself a coffee, and do some background reading. Naturally, I gave up after working on the same article for about two hours - though that in itself was not solid, but I had background music - and, after showering, shaving and general bodily pampering, I made my weary way to class. In an odd twist of fate, however, my most dreaded unit this semester has already become a contender for my favourite within the first week. It's going to be hard work, but I'm confident that 'Contemporary European Thought' will be fresh enough for me to enjoy, and different enough for me to relish a break from literary studies. There was a down-side though, since this unit seems to manoeuvre quite strongly around the concept of 'modernity', which subsequently requires a consideration of 'capitalism', and that's where it gets depressing and I feel bad about my largely consumerist lifestyle.
'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous To Know' leaves less of a melancholic feeling, but, on a Friday afternoon, is not a particularly great start to the weekend.
Other than that, I walked to Tesco Express in the rain, and bought wine, milk, onion bagels, and garlic and herb 'Philadelphia' cheese spread. I went home, fucked about for a bit, then fucked my head up for a bit, then crashed out and watched ER whilst my fellow housemates all seemed to carry on normally with their social lives. I sometimes resent their ability to go out clubbing and have a good time when all the ingredients are so rubbish, but know that I will never be able to appreciate dog shit as gold, no matter how well perfumed it is. Now, I'm listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and am beginning to think that the dog-shit that is the union is a little bit less runny than the dog-shit that has been my evening. I long for an opportunity to do something different, to spend time with my friends in an environment that doesn't revolve around excessive alcohol consumption. And on that note, one of them has returned in a less than respectable state, and unable to walk in a straight line. I'm going to kill some air.


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