Monday, October 18, 2004

Looking back on my weekend now, I can see that it was almost entirely without point or excitement of any kind. Friday night was lonely, and scary. Who knew that one could get paranoid from isolation? I thought that the presence of an external source of validation (or invalidation) was needed for that. Anyway, I watched ER and that was about it.

Saturday was no better. I tidied my bedroom and the lounge, but gave up when I got to the kitchen. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not. The bedroom and lounge are now back to their usual state of looking like bombsites, while the kitchen has remained a bombsite, and a feeding ground for god knows how many bacteria and deadly viruses, all along. Now, is it better that the bedroom and lounge have been cleaned at some point, OR, would it have been better to conserve that energy for something else when it is considered that said cleanliness wasn't exactly long-lasting. I don't know. (N.B. I have now realised that I am repeating myself, but I'm feeling a little fragile now, so I'm going to pretend that I haven't and that I'm making good use of the time).

The afternoon consisted on shopping for stationary (or is that stationery - I think it's the one ending -ary), napping, watching a bit of Lost in Translation, crawling away from the appeal of the great Bill Murray to do some work on my 'Literary Detectives' unit, before later watching Shaun of the Dead and The Cell. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to watch Shaun of the Dead because I picked it out, but only because I felt I had to since I was going to be watching whatever was picked with D and I. Frankly, I would have preferred working my way through the sheer magnitude of ER episodes I've been supplied with by MDR. I've only managed to watch one episode over the entire weekend, and that wasn't until about 12am this morning once the lounge area had been vacated. (I hasten to add that the lounge was not entirely vacated throughout the 45 minutes of that episode, as I had D and I making guest appearances, and, I, myself, was there occupying it. Anyway, moving on from the technicalities of watching ER...).

Sunday involved doing more work on the 'Literary Detectives' unit, followed by a bit of Tesco Express, followed by a bit more work, followed by the week's essential viewing of The OC (sadly, I'm becoming a bit of a girl with that programme... and when this is considered alongside my liking of ER, I think I should consider having a sex change and calling my self something like Roberta. I don't know. Just a thought). This was followed by more studying, some listening to music, drinking of wine, eating of maltesers, and acting like a fool. After this had all happened, I tried giving Sex Traffic a go... however, after a copious amount of alcohol, I found it pretty hard to keep up with, so opted for the slightly less weighty option of ER as aforementioned.

This of course, leads me up to today, which has been eventful in its own right. A very nice computer has suggested that I should consider midwifery as a career, which is interesting in its own right. Then there was the mind-expanding lectures (2) and tutorials (only 1, so tutorial really) I attended, and now, which consists of listening to those tracks of mine on iTunes that I seem to have neglected in favour of, well, other stuff. I aim to start reading Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe at four, for a couple of hours.... after that, who knows?

(N.B. I realise that I'm not the most unpredictable person in the world, and that afterwards only three things can happen... possibly four. A) I watch TV. B) I watch ER. C) I listen to music and browse the internet. Or, the most unlikely of the four, D) Go out and be sociable. I'm guessing B or C, but A is a distinct possibility).


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