Wednesday, July 28, 2004

It's been a while, and I have full-time work and a faux-busy schedule to blame. Quite a lot has happened in the past month. For starters, there was my nineteenth birthday and the weekend I spent celebrating it. Then there was my very first dinner party, which, I must say, was something of a success. Or, at least, I believe it to have been. At times, I felt a little out of place - I was never really 'the' cool kid in school, and I don't even think that I was 'a' cool kid either, so having a girl that I once said looked like a man (to her face - back in my slightly immature, early teenage years) sitting diagonally opposite me, and a girl who, to put it in layman's terms, was a total bitch - from middle school and beyond: she even continued to ignore my existence at the dinner table. Not that I'm bothered by her ignorance. On the whole, I couldn't care less. But it did make me feel a little awkward at the dinner table. But nevermind.

I'm also in the process of attempting to finalise the deal on my house for next year. Well, I have already done my best to ensure that it is finalised, as have Duncan and Richard. It's Ian and Laurence I'm worried about. Since they haven't even gotten round to signing the contracts yet, I'm beginning to worry whether they shall get their rent cheques back in time either. However, I'm going to cash in the remainder of last week's wages today, and then send my cheque off. I'm hoping to be able to move into the house as early in September as possible. That in itself will be difficult because Mother Goose and her old croney Grams seem intent on keeping me on the island at weekends and destroying the social side of my student lifestyle. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so in about two weeks time, I shall probably start flicking through 'The News' and applying for a job to start as soon as possible in September to give me the reason I need to get off this godforsaken isle. That may sound a little dramatic, but I'm beginning to lose my rag with the responsibilities of familial ties. It's all fine and good seeing them after a long separation, but I am unlikely to favour such a long time with them in the future. It is a shame that growing up really does seem to be growing apart, but as a man who does not wish to have commitment or responsiblity, solitude (or at least reasonable solitude, i.e. company with friends, and periods of separation and togetherness with family) seems to be a lot more favourable.

Anyway, the more I blog about what has been done, or what needs to be done, or wants to be done, the lower the chance of any of it actually getting done. So I shall make my way to the bathroom, shave the rug from off my rounded cheeks, and make my way down to the Abbey, before the responsibility of my brother and cousin is placed into my hands (albeit only for about 30 minutes) at eleven o'clock. Every cloud does have a silver lining, however, and I shall be attending the cinema this evening to watch Spider-Man 2. Let's hope it's silver and not stainless steel.