Tuesday, June 01, 2004

the temporary intermission in what seems a rather short presentation

At 11 o'clock tomorrow, my room in halls will be inspected for the very last time. I will lock the door behind me for the very last time. I will walk out of the shitty (and usually broken) front doors for the last time. There will be a lot of last times, as the 'act' that was my first year at University comes to an end. This isn't really that big a deal, since the 'act' that was my first year at University ended nearly a week ago when it lost everything that was interesting about it. But I'm finding myself a little sad, and possibly regretful. Regrets that I didn't maximise the University experience by being a little more pro-active than passive. Regrets that I didn't cherish every single moment. Regrets that I didn't make more friends, and, for those that I did, that the friendship was so much stronger - that is not to say that all the friendships I've made are weak, merely that some could have been less weak and more strong. Regrets that I'm so damn freaky and hate having photographs taken - since it would have been nice to have memories that weren't as susceptible to the corruption of the mind.

I guess I can only look forward. Going back home will mean a time for reunion, and meeting up with those friends that I haven't seen for such a long time. So for that, I'm thankful. And hopefully, it will give me time to overcome my fear of cameras, be 'pro-active', appreciative, and whatnot. I guess in the meantime, it's a case of playing the waiting game though.


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