Tuesday, June 01, 2004

strange days

Today has been new for me in many ways. For a start, I was motivated. Ok, I didn't get up until nearly eleven o'clock today, but it was not long before I was showered and dressed, with my teeth brushed, ointments applied and bag packed for a trip to the town.

First up was Milldam. I needed to find out what exactly was on my reading list (or rather lists) for next year, and, to my horror, I found exactly what was on my reading list: rather a fucking lot. I was allowed some smugness since I've already read Wilkie Collins' The Woman In White, but I was still left with a Janice-inspired 'OH!MY!GOD!' voice ringing through my mind. I also had to check that reception had successfully changed my address... so hopefully, everything should be cool.

Then, onwards to McDonalds - for a lazy slacker student has to eat! Queue was fucking massive when I got in there. Hardly surprising on a half term holiday, maybe, but still highly annoying. I had some stupid bints behind me that didn't seem to realise that there was a place called Southampton, despite the fact that there seems to be some undying rivalry between them and their nationalised egos. Obviously, to these girls at least, this competition was dead, like their brains. Once I had had my inner outburst at that irritation, I'm met with a ratty middle-classed woman (wtf was she doing in McDonalds in the first place? - my apologies for a potentially insulting comment) complaining because she's had to wait for her food. If I was the person behind the counter, I would have gone and got her uncooked food and shoved it in that fucking trap of hers. Anyways, I was finally served. McChicken Premiere meal with a chocolate milkshake. I couldn't eat all of it though. Which was a shock, but then, given my diet of late, I am not surprised that my appetite has decreased. Milkshakes are pretty bloaty as well.

I forgot to mention the walk to McDonalds however. I've been in Portsmouth for at least 6, maybe 7, months, and if I haven't learnt to use Cascades as a means of moving through Commercial Road yet, then I'm not sure when I will. First was the charity nagger that always seem to be hanging around. I've already been sucked in by one for the RNIB, and a doorstep one for some deaf charity, so by donating £11 a month, I cannot afford to pay anymore to anymore charities. Luckily, the girl was pretty understanding, and not as pushy as others I have spoken to, and it was sorted quick. But I still feel that my privacy is being invaded in some way. Some people just like to walk through the street without being harassed by guilt trips.

Then there was the incense stick seller. Except, as he put it, he was not selling anything. Merely giving people his stock with the request for a donation... I'm not entirely sure whether he was selling legally acquired goods. Probably not. But he seemed nice. I gave him a £1. They're opium scented. I doubt I'll be using them. I've taken them out of their box and am going to leave them in my bathroom overnight. I realise that you are supposed to burn them, or at least think that you are supposed to, but can't be arsed, and hope that the scent, however faint, might take care of some of the damp smell. Though I'm not sure why I'm worried about that, since...

I'm moving out of halls tomorrow! It's kind of weird, because it's what I'd call my first proper 'moving out' experience. Packing all my stuff to leave home in September didn't feel weird, because it still felt like my home, and I could return anytime. The packing was also more or less under the control of my parents. If I remember rightly, the only bit I did was pick out which clothes I wanted to take, along with the videos, dvds, books etc. Everything else was done for me. Not so this time. In a way, the the clearing out of everything is almost therapeutic. And when I finish off the very last bits tomorrow, and clean my room before meeting my parents, perhaps even more so. I feel a little sad, but am also looking forward to next year, and the new house, and the new room. And the new everything. Exciting...

All this has meant that I've watched very little in terms of film. Last night, I watched Play Misty For Me on BBC1 for the first time. That was good. And I'm considering watching Cabaret on C4 later on tonight as well. Need to get up about sixish tomorrow morning though, to ensure that I'm prepared properly. So, I'll see what happens. However, when Sky's back within my grasp, slacking will be possible again. YAY!


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