Saturday, June 19, 2004

it's amazing...

I've managed to worm my way through 8 dvds from MSN DVD Rental in the last 7 days. A record for me, I think. That's included the viewing of the Evil Dead trilogy - the entirety of the third instalment was spent trying to recognise who Sheila was... the closing credits were a godsend... - both series of Phoenix Nights - Peter Kay is as good as I remember he was on The Big Breakfast... - and the last two discs of Boogiepop Phantom. Other than that, I haven't really done much. None of the body toning exercise that I was planning to do at the beginning of my summer break... However, when going into town today to pick up Darren's Father Day's present, I took it upon myself to stop off at Medina Leisure Centre and pick up some info on the gym (or 'Tone Zone') there. I've decided to get a 'One' card, and will do so on Tuesday. This will mean that I should be able to visit the gym on a regular basis, and, hopefully, a habit that will keep me healthy and fit, rather than disgusting and fat. Roll on Tuesday! I would do it sooner, but I'm working on Sunday and Monday, so I shall leave my pivotal day of self-improvement until Tuesday when not only will I join the gym, but get my hair cut, I think. I'm not sure what style I want though. I do have two days to chew that over...

Now I'm having an inner debate on whether to watch TV or try and finish GB84. As my nan's 'Motown Classics' CD compilation draws to a close, and I am left with records that sound decidedly un-Motown, that decision becomes harder. I'm not sure why. The CD's finished now. Well, the third of three. Party shuffle, here we come. Now... is that television-age, or book-age...?


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