Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Well, I have joined the gym. Last Tuesday, I went to my induction, and on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday of last week I worked through the entirety of my programme. Three times in one week can't be too bad! I'm hoping to go again sometime today, and then also tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. I'll see how I feel like on Saturday and Sunday mornings though - depending on whether I go out or not.

With all this work and exercise malarkey, I'm not on the internet half as much as I used to be, which is probably a good thing, because, in my opinion, or, at least, in my case, it should only ever be used as a pastime, and, for me, it was slowly becoming an all-encompassing act of slack. With the sharp increase in physical activity within my life, I've been left with little time, or even want, to use the internet. Fair enough, I have been online almost two hours this morning, but that's because it's my day off and I know all I really NEED to do is go to the gym. I also have to get my hair cut, but I figure I can go down and have that done when my brother gets back from school, or possibly on Wednesday or Thursday after I've finished work. It would be better done today, however. Motivate thyself, Russell!

However, amongst all the responsibility of work, and the guilt leading to working-out, I have managed to watch Dog Soldiers, Series 2 of Red Dwarf, Android and So Close - all of which I liked. I also watched Jeepers Creepers 2, which was shit, but minutely watchable, if only for the hope that something truly magnificent would be just around the corner. This hope was just about as futile as the studio's pressure on Salva to make the movie, and create a movie franchise to compete with the Jasons and the Freddys (I'm guessing). As Kresta pointed out though, the fantastical devil-bat creature that is 'The Creeper' is not likely to scare a viewer to the extreme that characters such as Jason and Freddy, who are both essentially human at their source, despite the transformations that have brought them to their current horror status, and, therefore, are much more disturbing since the deviancy of their roles is withing the boundaries of our own species. Or something like that. Anyway, that was slightly better than I Could Read The Sky, which I had to turn off after about 10 minutes because it was the most boring piece of shite I had even witnessed. And, oddly, felt a little too much like Postman Pat had been one of its major influences.

Aside from DVD-viewing, I have also finished reading GB84, had my Streets album (A Grand Don't Come For Free) delivered - and promptly listened to (GREAT!). I've also seen Prisoner of Azkaban - still feel that Chamber of Secrets is the best of the series so far, but that the third is better than the first.

And that's all I have to say about that.


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