Thursday, June 17, 2004

30 days...

5 days on from my last post, and I'm still as knackered out from work. Between then and now, I've been able to fit in managing my finances, 2 hrs sunbathing, reading some David Peace, and watching both series of Pheonix Nights, as well as The Fox and the Hound. I'm currently watching Boogiepop Phantom and trying to find the energy to do something a little more productive. Like reading, or writing. Or something. I'm knackered. I'm not sure how much longer this self-confessed slacker can take a workload that he is no longer use to... can I really manage more than another two months? I'm finding it hard to imagine managing working another week with these hours. I'm not sure whether it is merely laziness that is causing these feelings of incapability, or something else. I'm thinking of joining my local gym at the weekend, though. Hopefully the exercise will help me to be a little more energetic. No doubt I'll just wear myself out even more. But I feel as if I have to try and be more motivated. Problem is... no matter how hard I try to motivate myself, I usually fail... so I'm not sure whether this is going to work at all. I hope it will.

I'll get back to Boogiepop.


N.B. I'm hoping to work on my Top 10s this weekend. I've kinda ignored them recently. *whimpers*


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