Sunday, May 23, 2004

two day debrief

Went to go see the house I'm living in next year, yesterday. It's great! I'm hoping that I won't be getting the smallest room out of the 5, but with the lounge and two extra rooms in the basement, I can't say that I'm particularly bothered. It's going to be so much fun. WHOOP!

Also played on Mario Party for a bit. I'm pretty shit at it though. Need to work on the button bashing. Only came second because I was awarded a bonus star for being the 'most happening' or something like that. I always knew that I was too cool for school. I have no idea why I continued to go though, as I do, in a manner of speaking, now.

Watched Springtime In A Small Town and The Spy Who Loved Me. Both were good, but I'm loving the latter, especially the soundtrack which seems to complement, at least in my own mind, the cherrystones album I bought. Plus, that Russian side-bird of Bond's was hott. I wish I was a spy. And with that car too... *cries mournfully*

Also played a lot of SSX 3. But haven't really gotten anywhere. I'm determined to get gold in the last race on Peak 1, and also to get gold on the first freestyle event... but I can't... *just cries*

And that was Saturday. Sunday was a whole different matter. Had daily shower, though considerably later than usual considering I didn't get out of bed until around noon, and then decided to head in to Milton to get some bits and pieces. Picked up a cherry coke for the walk, and made my way. Bumped in to a card on the way (as in an odd character, not a club, diamond, heart or spade) who threatened me with his imaginary gun in the hope of money. Well, I exaggerate. It's not like he pointed his fingers at me and pretended to shoot. He was just trying to make me think (not very convincingly) that he had a gun in his pocket, and would use it. Thing is, if he really did have a gun, I'm thinking he wouldn't have needed money. Fucking tramps... I like to think of myself as liberal. Hey, sometimes I go wacky and have even been known to buy a 'Big Issue'. I can also appreciate that the homeless do not always recieve the best of treatment by those around them - BUT... I see no reason why they should go out and actually harass people the way he did me. He even tried to take my cherry coke! I gave him a mint, and that was it. Thing is, he seemed a little bit detached... he didn't even know what a softmint is.

Apart from that little scare, done laundry, and played more Vice City, SSX 3, and Timesplitters 2. I'm considering watching this DVD I bought a while back called Giant in a minute. But then... Kingdom Hospital is on later as well. I'm thinking... TNG.


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