Friday, May 28, 2004


Last night, I more or less decided that I was going to go the cinema. A seems to think Troy is the must-see movie at the moment. Tbh, I haven't really given the film that much thought. There was a time when I tried to keep on top of my interest in film, involve myself in the hype of blockbusters, the support of low-key indie movies, and other stuff. Now I can never seem to be bothered. I'm quite content to buy a magazine, and work my way slowly through its recommendations, meaning that I'm often lightyears behind everybody else. For instance, instead of going to see a 'new' movie today, I decided to buy three 'old' ones in DVD format: namely Singin' in the Rain, American Pie and Withnail & I.

In the grand scheme of things, this is all rather superfluous, but I can't help but feel that I've lost something. When I was living on the island, I would quite often just roll of my bed at about 8pm and head on down to the local cinema to go watch a movie. In Portsmouth, things have changed. In fact, I have only been to the cinema three times since I started at Portsmouth Uni, and two of those visits occurred during holidays when I was back on the Island. With summer on its way, perhaps this is something that I could, and should, rectify. Perhaps not. Acting as the equivalent to music's regurgitation of itself, today's output always seems to be less than thrilling. After all, those three visits to the cinema were less than satisfying - Revolutions was shit, I never really got into the LOTR trilogy at all, and 21 Grams just wasn't what I expected. Out of the three, LOTR gets the most of my gratitude for wearing its heart on its sleeve, and just being what it is supposed to be, but I have had much more fun in front of my miniscule television watching older movies, while not necessarily that old, that are more 'new' to me than most recent productions. Of course, for somebody who bought American Pie today, this may all seem rather hypocritical, but then we all lapse from time to time. And perhaps, in a couple of weeks or months time, I will lapse again, and fall back in love with cinema, and two-time my DVD collection. Now there's a thought...

Besides, I was only thinking of going to see Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and Secret Window anyway. After all, one must retain one's individuality. Even at the cost of going to see shit movies (, though now, of course, there is no cost, because there is no movie-going, but rather ass-sitting, web-browsing and general slacking - now where did that individuality go?).


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