Thursday, May 20, 2004

the perfect birthday present... when it's not your birthday

Well, fuck the essay. Quite literally. I'm 100 over the maximum word count - the actual word count is 1000, but I figured a 10% allowance to miss that count, except I've exceed that and am nearing 1200. I'll have to leave it. Slap the bibliography on there like a wet fish, and hope for the best. Frankly, my dear, I no longer give a damn. Except, of course, I should. Damn me and my fucking laziness! Damn it all (except the little fluffy bunny type things, because they just wouldn't look right in the burning pits of hell...)

In my lieu time (meaning, the time that I wasn't using to make my essay fit the word count a little more effectively), I decided to play a little bit of GTA: Vice City (Gave up! Couldn't do the mission. Fucking Haitians... no racism intended! just the game lad(ie)s), followed by some Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (Still crap. Have made 'olution Soccer' smaller, because apparently, people who don't call it 'Pro Ev' are gay - note: I do not fully this support this belief, however. In fact, I don't support it at all. I am only including it in the blog, to make it look bigger). Then I gave up on all of that to watch A Bug's Life, which I haven't seen it in ages. On the subject of the computer-animated ant movie war, I fall on the side of Antz. Apologies Pixar, Woody Allen is more endearing than, well, Flik.

And lastly, and, I guess, most importantly... the eponymous 'perfect birthday present... when it's not your birthday'... in fact, when it's not even a birthday present... The Happiness of the Katakuris. Heard about this one a while back. By the great Miike Takashi (see Ichi the Killer), it's a musical... WITH ZOMBIES! I haven't seen it yet, so, admittedly, it could be pretty crappy. But my hopes are high, and hopefully, will not be dashed. And, to prove that I'm not a 100% racist bigot, it's an Asian film.

p.s. i really am not prejudiced against haitians, gays or blue ants. i just have a tendency to blog before i think, and have not quite grasped the concept of 'editing' yet. that and i'm lazy - hence the no thinking. feel free to be prejudiced against me as much you want. i'll give you a start: i'm fat and ugly. there, all better.


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