Tuesday, May 25, 2004

oh, i do like to party...

All essays written, printed, and handed in. I'm officially done for the year. A time for celebration maybe? Well, if that includes catching up on lost sleep, blowing the fuses in my kitchen and causing the grill to catch fire, then, yes. I'm thinking that isn't quite the celebration ceremony that most people go for. To be fair, I did go out Friday night, and that can, in many ways, be seen as what was my self-appraisal. And I'm only in this mood because I'm bored out of my skull - not particularly hard when your remaining flatmates are either coupled or monged.

I guess I can blame myself for my mood too. It probably didn't help when I decided to rent out and watch The Prince of Egypt, in the full knowledge that I dislike anything religious. So, watching an animated musical version of the story of Moses was probably not a wise action. All the same, one of my morals in life is to try and accustom myself to anything new. Something I haven't quite mastered yet. For example, if I didn't like Signs and all its religiousness, and was not too happy with the miraculous curing of the lepers in Ben-Hur, it was almost certain that I wouldn't like The Prince of Egypt, as it was, in fact, nothing new.

It's weird, because I still feel sad about leaving next week, despite the fact that I might as well have left already. I don't mean that in a resentful way... merely that student life as I knew it has ground to a halt for the time being, and I find myself looking forward to the new academic year. I guess it beats being all depressed, and chewing over the past, but it leaves me in a kind of waiting room of the mind, reducing myself to the equivalent of reading out-of-date magazines and leaflets on scary illnesses.


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