Saturday, May 22, 2004


In the attempt to pass time, I thought I might check out the news. Or, at least, the news I find interesting. This could have been anything from Iraq to the on-going Arab-Israeli conflict. However, it is this that caught my eye. Now, as a person always happy to make the extra dollar (or in my case, British pound) - in fact, one of my plans includes luring Britney Spears into a scandalous sex romp, and giving her the following ultimatum: a)marry me, divorce me, and give me half of what yours through alimony, OR b)don't marry me, and I've got a pretty valuable kiss 'n' tell story on my hands. This is a little ambitious perhaps, but we all must strive to be better than we are (though don't bring up morality in this act, we're talking about money) - I can't help but think 'why didn't I get there first? what if i had been a little more successful?'. Of course, the fact that I'm male, and therefore can not be impregnated (not in a biologically reproductive way, anyways) would make it a little hard. But still, despite the act of deception on this gal's part, she obviously gave it her best shot. I'm not imploring fraudulent acts, just saying 'better luck next time', that's all.

I'm also not saying that there should be a next time.

This, however, is just scary. Now, I don't want to be all Philip K. Dick about it, but surely that's an invitation for corporate bombardment. I mean, I'm not an expert on the subject. But as somebody who's becoming increasingly paranoid about the presence of spyware on my computer, the thought of the future being the installation of microchips into arms to increase the speed with which you are allowed entrance into a bar, and, subsequently, the speed with which you are served or utilise the available amenities, seems a little extreme. Of course, it is only in Spain, but so are Posh and David Beckham, and while the clubs that I frequent in Portsmouth are unlikely to jump on the bandwagon in the foreseeable future, I'm still paranoid.

Anyways, with the time passed. I'm off, off and away.


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