Saturday, May 29, 2004

I was right. At least, I think I was. After watching Singin' In The Rain yesterday afternoon/evening, I'm absolutely certain that watching DVDs is so much better than going to the cinema, in my mind, at this time. Not sure what I'm going to get up to today. We have to do the final finalisation of house shit with the estate agents, at least, I hope we can. Otherwise I've got to wait until Tuesday, which is when I want to pack up all my stuff in the flat ready to go back to the Island for the summer. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to that. Sure, I'd like to see all my friends from before uni again, but... it's going to mean work and shit. And, then there's the inconvenience of living with one's parents after having approximately 7 months of independence.

Apart from all this, I'm thinking the possibility of a Chinese takeaway tonight. Either that or I actually think about using some of the food I've already got, and will have to bin if I don't. I would like a Chinese though.

And apart from all that, I'm thinking I'll only end up playing on the PS2 some more, read GB84 some more, and watch some DVDS - presumably American Pie and Withnail & I, and possibly even The Dark Crystal. But now? Now I just feel as if I should be doing something more productive with my weekends while I still have them. It's possible that, like Easter, I won't be working weekends, which would be a metaphysical bling bling (or something like that), but then, it's also very likely that I'll be knackered from working every other day of the week. At the moment, I'm doing nothing. Fuck all. Nada. As Duncan pointed out yesterday, I haven't actually done much in days. After May 18th when I had to hand in two 2,500 word essays, I've more or less slacked. Sure there was the 1000 word essay for the following Tuesday (May 25th). But that was a mere 1000 words. It was started on the Wednesday/Thursday, and finished by the Friday. So, for the past 11 days, apart from the odd bit of mental stimulation, whether that be in the form of a 1000 word essay, or a fuse-blowing, problem-solving exercise, I've been, for the most part, very lazy. That said, if we're walking down to New Era [the estate agents] today, then I may just carry on walking down to town and get some stuff to pack my stuff up in on Tuesday, or, maybe, some food for tonight, if I decide that Chinese is a bad idea.

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