Sunday, May 30, 2004

Top Tens May 23-29 2004

Top 10 Movies
= (1) 1. LA Confidential (1997)
= (2) 2. Ocean's Eleven (2001)
= (3) 3. X-Men (2000)
= (4) 4. Gladiator (2000)
= (5) 5. The Terminator (1984)
= (6) 6. Forrest Gump (1994)
= (7) 7. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
= (8) 8. Fight Club (1999)
+ (-) 9. American Pie (1999)
- (9) 10. Spider-Man (2002)

Top 10 Directors
= (1) 1. Steven Spielberg
= (2) 2. Martin Scorsese
= (3) 3. Bryan Singer
= (4) 4. Robert Zemeckis
= (5) 5. Curtis Hanson
= (6) 6. Sam Raimi
= (7) 7. Ridley Scott
= (8) 8. James Cameron
= (9) 9. Wolfgang Reitherman
= (10) 10. Quentin Tarantino

Top 10 Actors
= (1) 1. Robert De Niro
= (2) 2. Russell Crowe
= (3) 3. Kevin Spacey
= (4) 4. Bruce Willis
= (5) 5. Danny DeVito
= (6) 6. Joe Pesci
= (7) 7. Arnold Schwarzenegger
= (8) 8. Christopher Walken
= (9) 9. Tom Cruise
= (10) 10. Hugh Jackman


N.B. '+' being upward mobility, '=' being no mobility, and '-' being downward mobility.

Saturday, May 29, 2004


It's a Saturday night, and I'm in watching American Pie. I'm thinking that I could not be anymore lame. There was talk of going to the cinema and seeing Kill Bill: Vol. 2 or Troy, but that never happened. And there isn't really a group of us big enough to warrant a lad's night out. So, I'm indoors, as I said, watching American Pie...

I bought more DVDs today too. Not particularly clever of me. Now I've used £500 of my overdraft. And I never even wanted to go any near one at the beginning of the academic year. Still, there's no fighting it - I bought Kill Bill: Vol. 1, The Thing, Blade II and True Romance. I was tempted to get the Alias Season 1 boxset, but figured that at £50 it was a little out of my budget.

Also signed the contract for my house next year. Which means I'm sorted. Thing is: Laurence, Rich, and Ian haven't signed yet. Rich and Ian can sign sometime next week, but I'm worrying about Laurence's signature. He's heading home tomorrow, and would have to come back down from Rugby to sign it. Hope it gets sorted.

I was right. At least, I think I was. After watching Singin' In The Rain yesterday afternoon/evening, I'm absolutely certain that watching DVDs is so much better than going to the cinema, in my mind, at this time. Not sure what I'm going to get up to today. We have to do the final finalisation of house shit with the estate agents, at least, I hope we can. Otherwise I've got to wait until Tuesday, which is when I want to pack up all my stuff in the flat ready to go back to the Island for the summer. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to that. Sure, I'd like to see all my friends from before uni again, but... it's going to mean work and shit. And, then there's the inconvenience of living with one's parents after having approximately 7 months of independence.

Apart from all this, I'm thinking the possibility of a Chinese takeaway tonight. Either that or I actually think about using some of the food I've already got, and will have to bin if I don't. I would like a Chinese though.

And apart from all that, I'm thinking I'll only end up playing on the PS2 some more, read GB84 some more, and watch some DVDS - presumably American Pie and Withnail & I, and possibly even The Dark Crystal. But now? Now I just feel as if I should be doing something more productive with my weekends while I still have them. It's possible that, like Easter, I won't be working weekends, which would be a metaphysical bling bling (or something like that), but then, it's also very likely that I'll be knackered from working every other day of the week. At the moment, I'm doing nothing. Fuck all. Nada. As Duncan pointed out yesterday, I haven't actually done much in days. After May 18th when I had to hand in two 2,500 word essays, I've more or less slacked. Sure there was the 1000 word essay for the following Tuesday (May 25th). But that was a mere 1000 words. It was started on the Wednesday/Thursday, and finished by the Friday. So, for the past 11 days, apart from the odd bit of mental stimulation, whether that be in the form of a 1000 word essay, or a fuse-blowing, problem-solving exercise, I've been, for the most part, very lazy. That said, if we're walking down to New Era [the estate agents] today, then I may just carry on walking down to town and get some stuff to pack my stuff up in on Tuesday, or, maybe, some food for tonight, if I decide that Chinese is a bad idea.

Listening to: Slow Jamz - Twista ft. Kanye West

Friday, May 28, 2004


Last night, I more or less decided that I was going to go the cinema. A seems to think Troy is the must-see movie at the moment. Tbh, I haven't really given the film that much thought. There was a time when I tried to keep on top of my interest in film, involve myself in the hype of blockbusters, the support of low-key indie movies, and other stuff. Now I can never seem to be bothered. I'm quite content to buy a magazine, and work my way slowly through its recommendations, meaning that I'm often lightyears behind everybody else. For instance, instead of going to see a 'new' movie today, I decided to buy three 'old' ones in DVD format: namely Singin' in the Rain, American Pie and Withnail & I.

In the grand scheme of things, this is all rather superfluous, but I can't help but feel that I've lost something. When I was living on the island, I would quite often just roll of my bed at about 8pm and head on down to the local cinema to go watch a movie. In Portsmouth, things have changed. In fact, I have only been to the cinema three times since I started at Portsmouth Uni, and two of those visits occurred during holidays when I was back on the Island. With summer on its way, perhaps this is something that I could, and should, rectify. Perhaps not. Acting as the equivalent to music's regurgitation of itself, today's output always seems to be less than thrilling. After all, those three visits to the cinema were less than satisfying - Revolutions was shit, I never really got into the LOTR trilogy at all, and 21 Grams just wasn't what I expected. Out of the three, LOTR gets the most of my gratitude for wearing its heart on its sleeve, and just being what it is supposed to be, but I have had much more fun in front of my miniscule television watching older movies, while not necessarily that old, that are more 'new' to me than most recent productions. Of course, for somebody who bought American Pie today, this may all seem rather hypocritical, but then we all lapse from time to time. And perhaps, in a couple of weeks or months time, I will lapse again, and fall back in love with cinema, and two-time my DVD collection. Now there's a thought...

Besides, I was only thinking of going to see Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and Secret Window anyway. After all, one must retain one's individuality. Even at the cost of going to see shit movies (, though now, of course, there is no cost, because there is no movie-going, but rather ass-sitting, web-browsing and general slacking - now where did that individuality go?).

i can't get no sleep...

I can't get to sleep again. For that, I only have myself to blame. If I hadn't thought it really funny to wind up the users of this board until 5am yesterday morning (that's 27 May 2004), then perhaps I would be a little more tired now. Glutton for punishment, I guess.

Once I finally got up at 1.30pm today (or rather yesterday - also 27 May 2004), I managed to achieve a state of relative hygiene [a shower], a bit of shopping [sweet and sour chicken ready-meal, and barbecue flavour super noodles], and the viewing of two dvds rented from MSN, being Standing In The Shadows Of Motown and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

The former, a documentary on a group of musicians called 'The Funk Brothers', whom are (or rather were) the unknown, unrecognised, forgotten foundations of the Motown movement, actually brought me to tears. Through the course of the film, we are made to know, recognise and remember these men, and the contribution and influence they have made on music of the modern world. And at the end, as they recieve their long belated applause for the sheer scope of their work, I couldn't help but think 'Damn bitch, I wish I was a Funk Brother'. It was good. I enjoyed it, and may even be tempted to buy it. I definitely want the soundtrack, if there is one.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad more or less explains itself. Enjoyed it, though I could have done without some of the Allah-isms. Like 'Allah always finds a way for dealing with hungry people' after some prisoner fell of a cliff (- please don't shoot me if that's misquoted). I'm not quite sure what that was supposed to mean. Perhaps it was just an attempt at mysticism on Sinbad's part. But then, if it was, why?

Not very productive day really. Read a bit more of GB84. Got a little further. Got more intrigued. Perhaps I'll read a bit more now, since I can't get to sleep. It's that or playing on the PS2. I'm thinking the latter will destroy any chance of sleep in the immediate future, and so, reading it is...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Today isn't actually any different from yesterday... so far, that is. To be fair, I've only just got up, so I shouldn't get judgemental just yet. But I still don't know what to do, and I still have nobody providing suggestions of things to do with them. This will be another boring day, with some unprogressive dabbling in Vice City and SSX 3... perhaps some TimeSplitters 2, Devil May Cry, and even some Sims action. But what else is there to do? I guess I could read my David Peace book. Perhaps I will. GODDAMNIT, I MOTHERFUCKING WILL!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

oh, i do like to party...

All essays written, printed, and handed in. I'm officially done for the year. A time for celebration maybe? Well, if that includes catching up on lost sleep, blowing the fuses in my kitchen and causing the grill to catch fire, then, yes. I'm thinking that isn't quite the celebration ceremony that most people go for. To be fair, I did go out Friday night, and that can, in many ways, be seen as what was my self-appraisal. And I'm only in this mood because I'm bored out of my skull - not particularly hard when your remaining flatmates are either coupled or monged.

I guess I can blame myself for my mood too. It probably didn't help when I decided to rent out and watch The Prince of Egypt, in the full knowledge that I dislike anything religious. So, watching an animated musical version of the story of Moses was probably not a wise action. All the same, one of my morals in life is to try and accustom myself to anything new. Something I haven't quite mastered yet. For example, if I didn't like Signs and all its religiousness, and was not too happy with the miraculous curing of the lepers in Ben-Hur, it was almost certain that I wouldn't like The Prince of Egypt, as it was, in fact, nothing new.

It's weird, because I still feel sad about leaving next week, despite the fact that I might as well have left already. I don't mean that in a resentful way... merely that student life as I knew it has ground to a halt for the time being, and I find myself looking forward to the new academic year. I guess it beats being all depressed, and chewing over the past, but it leaves me in a kind of waiting room of the mind, reducing myself to the equivalent of reading out-of-date magazines and leaflets on scary illnesses.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Top Tens - 16-22 May 2004

1. LA Confidential (1997)
2. Ocean's Eleven (2001)
3. X-Men (2000)
4. Gladiator (2000)
5. The Terminator (1984)
6. Forrest Gump (1994)
7. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
8. Fight Club (1999)
9. Spider-Man (2002)
10. Citizen Kane (1941)

1. Robert De Niro
2. Russell Crowe
3. Kevin Spacey
4. Bruce Willis
5. Danny DeVito
6. Joe Pesci
7. Arnold Schwarzenegger
8. Christopher Walken
9. Tom Cruise
10. Hugh Jackman

1. Steven Spielberg
2. Martin Scorsese
3. Bryan Singer
4. Robert Zemeckis
5. Curtis Hanson
6. Sam Raimi
7. Ridley Scott
8. James Cameron
9. Wolfgang Reitherman
10. Quentin Tarantino


Since changing the template for this blog, I've not quite figured out how to add links and what were my top ten lists that were published on the former template. Therefore, I shall now be adding my permanent links as a footer on the page, and will try to publish weekly updates of my top tens, but only if they have changed someway. I think.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

two day debrief

Went to go see the house I'm living in next year, yesterday. It's great! I'm hoping that I won't be getting the smallest room out of the 5, but with the lounge and two extra rooms in the basement, I can't say that I'm particularly bothered. It's going to be so much fun. WHOOP!

Also played on Mario Party for a bit. I'm pretty shit at it though. Need to work on the button bashing. Only came second because I was awarded a bonus star for being the 'most happening' or something like that. I always knew that I was too cool for school. I have no idea why I continued to go though, as I do, in a manner of speaking, now.

Watched Springtime In A Small Town and The Spy Who Loved Me. Both were good, but I'm loving the latter, especially the soundtrack which seems to complement, at least in my own mind, the cherrystones album I bought. Plus, that Russian side-bird of Bond's was hott. I wish I was a spy. And with that car too... *cries mournfully*

Also played a lot of SSX 3. But haven't really gotten anywhere. I'm determined to get gold in the last race on Peak 1, and also to get gold on the first freestyle event... but I can't... *just cries*

And that was Saturday. Sunday was a whole different matter. Had daily shower, though considerably later than usual considering I didn't get out of bed until around noon, and then decided to head in to Milton to get some bits and pieces. Picked up a cherry coke for the walk, and made my way. Bumped in to a card on the way (as in an odd character, not a club, diamond, heart or spade) who threatened me with his imaginary gun in the hope of money. Well, I exaggerate. It's not like he pointed his fingers at me and pretended to shoot. He was just trying to make me think (not very convincingly) that he had a gun in his pocket, and would use it. Thing is, if he really did have a gun, I'm thinking he wouldn't have needed money. Fucking tramps... I like to think of myself as liberal. Hey, sometimes I go wacky and have even been known to buy a 'Big Issue'. I can also appreciate that the homeless do not always recieve the best of treatment by those around them - BUT... I see no reason why they should go out and actually harass people the way he did me. He even tried to take my cherry coke! I gave him a mint, and that was it. Thing is, he seemed a little bit detached... he didn't even know what a softmint is.

Apart from that little scare, done laundry, and played more Vice City, SSX 3, and Timesplitters 2. I'm considering watching this DVD I bought a while back called Giant in a minute. But then... Kingdom Hospital is on later as well. I'm thinking... TNG.

Saturday, May 22, 2004


In the attempt to pass time, I thought I might check out the news. Or, at least, the news I find interesting. This could have been anything from Iraq to the on-going Arab-Israeli conflict. However, it is this that caught my eye. Now, as a person always happy to make the extra dollar (or in my case, British pound) - in fact, one of my plans includes luring Britney Spears into a scandalous sex romp, and giving her the following ultimatum: a)marry me, divorce me, and give me half of what yours through alimony, OR b)don't marry me, and I've got a pretty valuable kiss 'n' tell story on my hands. This is a little ambitious perhaps, but we all must strive to be better than we are (though don't bring up morality in this act, we're talking about money) - I can't help but think 'why didn't I get there first? what if i had been a little more successful?'. Of course, the fact that I'm male, and therefore can not be impregnated (not in a biologically reproductive way, anyways) would make it a little hard. But still, despite the act of deception on this gal's part, she obviously gave it her best shot. I'm not imploring fraudulent acts, just saying 'better luck next time', that's all.

I'm also not saying that there should be a next time.

This, however, is just scary. Now, I don't want to be all Philip K. Dick about it, but surely that's an invitation for corporate bombardment. I mean, I'm not an expert on the subject. But as somebody who's becoming increasingly paranoid about the presence of spyware on my computer, the thought of the future being the installation of microchips into arms to increase the speed with which you are allowed entrance into a bar, and, subsequently, the speed with which you are served or utilise the available amenities, seems a little extreme. Of course, it is only in Spain, but so are Posh and David Beckham, and while the clubs that I frequent in Portsmouth are unlikely to jump on the bandwagon in the foreseeable future, I'm still paranoid.

Anyways, with the time passed. I'm off, off and away.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

the perfect birthday present... when it's not your birthday

Well, fuck the essay. Quite literally. I'm 100 over the maximum word count - the actual word count is 1000, but I figured a 10% allowance to miss that count, except I've exceed that and am nearing 1200. I'll have to leave it. Slap the bibliography on there like a wet fish, and hope for the best. Frankly, my dear, I no longer give a damn. Except, of course, I should. Damn me and my fucking laziness! Damn it all (except the little fluffy bunny type things, because they just wouldn't look right in the burning pits of hell...)

In my lieu time (meaning, the time that I wasn't using to make my essay fit the word count a little more effectively), I decided to play a little bit of GTA: Vice City (Gave up! Couldn't do the mission. Fucking Haitians... no racism intended! just the game lad(ie)s), followed by some Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (Still crap. Have made 'olution Soccer' smaller, because apparently, people who don't call it 'Pro Ev' are gay - note: I do not fully this support this belief, however. In fact, I don't support it at all. I am only including it in the blog, to make it look bigger). Then I gave up on all of that to watch A Bug's Life, which I haven't seen it in ages. On the subject of the computer-animated ant movie war, I fall on the side of Antz. Apologies Pixar, Woody Allen is more endearing than, well, Flik.

And lastly, and, I guess, most importantly... the eponymous 'perfect birthday present... when it's not your birthday'... in fact, when it's not even a birthday present... The Happiness of the Katakuris. Heard about this one a while back. By the great Miike Takashi (see Ichi the Killer), it's a musical... WITH ZOMBIES! I haven't seen it yet, so, admittedly, it could be pretty crappy. But my hopes are high, and hopefully, will not be dashed. And, to prove that I'm not a 100% racist bigot, it's an Asian film.

p.s. i really am not prejudiced against haitians, gays or blue ants. i just have a tendency to blog before i think, and have not quite grasped the concept of 'editing' yet. that and i'm lazy - hence the no thinking. feel free to be prejudiced against me as much you want. i'll give you a start: i'm fat and ugly. there, all better.


Well, I've been gone a total of 19 days, and I get back, and everything's changed. And I don't know where I am. I know where I've been, but I don't know how that led me here. And... well, I don't know.

I finally got my Cherrystones album today. It is great. It makes me smile. I look at the CD cover, and I think I'm in love. I listen to the music. And I... think I'm in love? Ok. Limited response maybe. But, I do love it. It's great distraction from my final essay of this semester! YAY!

Talking of essays, I think I'm getting fed up of them. I've done three in the last two weeks, and this fourth one, while not difficult, is inconvenient. It is stopping me from playing on the PS2, from reading, watching DVDS - my life basically. I shouldn't moan, because I chose to be a literature student, but then, if I wasn't moaning, there would be no challenge, and life would be oh-so-boring. But still, I wish the challenge wasn't so... challenging? (Guess my vocabulary is as limited as my critical appreciation of music).

Anyway... back to this last essay. Word count is 1000. Now, this sounds good in theory. It means it's more than half the work of the three previous essays. WRONG! I have a word count of 925 words, and I'm nowhere near getting to where I want to be. I'm thinking I might have to read Middlemarch a little more thorougly, and find one passage that will cover everything I need to write about... but how, goddamnit!? How can I do that with minimal effort!? I can't. Which means that the whole thing is prolonged - more so by my moaning, and hence, blogging about it, and still, the word count is 925.

However, on Tuesday, once it's done and dusted. I have all the time of the world to myself. At least until the following Wednesday when mother picks me up. Because, if I'm going back on the Wednesday, I guess I can start work on the Thursday - more money after all - but then, I'd quite like to be slacking, and not work until the Monday. Decisions, decisions... I guess I'll end up doing whatever mother tells me to do. That usually seems to be the way, unless I can get away with not doing what she tells me to do, without her knowing that I'm not (doing what she's told me to do, that is).

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Today started off pretty well, I guess. I didn't wake up until about 1150, but I felt refreshed. I ate breakfast - sugar puffs and an apple - had coffee, showered, washed my face, brushed my teeth, got dressed. Bought some bread. Did reading. Worked out an idea for my essay.

I guess I didn't realise that the time had flown by so quickly. It has though. And I remain in spite of it all. But then, so does it, in spite of me.