Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I'm awake. I'm up out of bed. And I think this may be the earliest time in which I've achieved both these things for the whole of this week. I maintain it was Saturday's night out that fucked up my biological sleeping clock. But then going out was my choice, even if I made it when slightly 'inebriated' [to use a finer term], and my psychological state was exploited when I was asked by the person who asked. It was alright though, I guess. Anyway, that's not the point. It's now Wednesday, and Saturday night is old news - although I'm not quite sure why I slapped somebody that night and made myself fall onto the floor, because the latter of those two mysteries was really big and clever considering it's left a little friction mark on my trousers. Perhaps it'll come out in the wash. Mmm... unsmoked back bacon and hot cross buns.

So, what is it today? Wednesday? Yesterday was Tuesday then. I had big plans to go to all of my lessons yesterday, or at least two out of three. Again, I ended up going to none of them. I missed my class on Monday too. I need to become a little more organised ready for next term. Fortunately, there's no more classes left for the rest of this term. Except for my 18th Century Period Study classes, that seem to run right to the end of the semester. Perhaps when I have only two classes a week, I'll find them a little more easy to attend. Perhaps not. My first assignment is due on May 11th. I haven't really considered it yet. No thoughts. No plan. No research. No anything. Well, that's not true, about a fortnight ago, I took a load of books out of the library for background reading. But I haven't done it yet, so that proved to be a rather redundant action. I'm still trying to make my way through Tristram Shandy anyway. Mmm... iced tea and gammon steak.

Aside from that, I did actually do some stuff yesterday. I read some Pope, and I did read a chapter of Tristram.... I also went shopping in ASDA. Managed to spend about £35, but am now happy with the magnificient array of goodies lining my parlour, or at least parts of the parlour that I could fit it into that weren't taking up with everybody else's stuff. Mmm... scotch eggs and pop tarts.

But now it's a new day. I haven't really done anything yet. Got up out of bed about 9.30. Put on t-shirt - already had boxers on because I slept in them. Walked to kitchen. Put kettle on. Had a bowl of sugar puffs. Made coffee. Came to laptop. Et voila... here I am. Finding to find that motivation needed to get me in the shower, dressed, vaguely groomed and ready to catch the 11am bus. I'm thinking that's necessary if I'm going to print off my notes before my seminar, which, conveniently, has been moved so that it's directly after my Narrative lecture. Oh my days! The pressure on my weary, juvenile brain! Mmm... coffee.

[food products mentioned in this blog were not necessarily eaten at the time the blog was written [or rather typed] - besides, mother says that's puppy fat, and it will go when I grow up]


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