Thursday, April 22, 2004

god's greatest gift to mankind

Out of five hours of class scheduled for me so far this week, I have attended three of them. That's over 50%! That's good, right? Anyway, I'm in a state of contemplation over how, exactly, I am to re-enter a seminar group that I haven't attended for three sessions now without making a scene. I could just walk in quietly and hope that the nice Irish man doesn't pick on me for my tardiness [read: full-blown absences], or know that the absolutely, 100% in-his-own-rights-to-do-so Irish man will demand to know where the hell I've been for the past three sessions. Of course, that wouldn't be entirely fair, because word has it that he didn't bother turning up to one of those seminars himself. But whatever, the course of events that occur after my walking in to that room, I have absolutely no idea what to prepare for the said seminar. Will today's seminar be a discussion of 'Thomas Gray's Elegy written in a Country Churchyard (1751) and William Blake's Song (1783) as respective examples of neo-classical and romantic pastoral'? Or a consideration of 'Pope's use of the mock-heroic mode in The Dunciad'? Or something else entirely. I think what this whole mess underlines is that I'm not a very organised person. To be fair, I do try. Like yesterday, I actually made it to a lecture. My notes were... okay. I haven't looked at them since I made them, but I'm sure they're still there... being all notey and surrounded by really shit doodles. And then I went clothes shopping. And I'm absolutely certain that I made some really stylish choices to wrap around my great hunk of lard body. A pair of cotton pinstripe trouser thingies, and two white cotton shirts - one was plain, but not plain, and the other had like a stripey print thing across the chest. And I got a belt. Then I did food shopping, and I bought lots of healthy things, and I ate some of them last night, and the rest are either stored [neatly] in the refrigerator, or [neatly] on the top of the refrigerator, or [neatly] in the cupboard - except I can't really remember what is where, and where is what - although I'm pretty certain that the mackerel's I filleted are in the freezer. Other than all of that, I did manage to watch the first series of Fawlty Towers last night, although I did fall asleep somewhere during the second - it was getting late, and my stamina is better as great as my... organisational skills! Even so, I do feel somewhat culturally advanced, and can now proudly say that 'I HAVE SEEN THE FIRST SERIES OF FAWLTY TOWERS AND PLAN TO WATCH THE SECOND IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, AHEM!'

Anyway, after that pretty much unedited - because I really can't be arsed - I'll rifle through my big box of books to find those that I think I'll need today, and try and prepare myself for what I think might be the topic of discussion for today. Although I really can't be arsed to do that either...


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