Sunday, April 25, 2004


Fell asleep watching Psycho. Bastard human condition. Probably didn't help that I got through a bottle of white wine - it's a while back now, I can't remember specifically what type... though I do remember it was an Oxford Landing, and fairly cheap.

Went to my lecture on Friday. Bringing my grand total of actual contact time to a rather gobsmacking... 5 out of 7 hours. Not bad.

Can't remember exactly what I did Friday night. I have a feeling I watched Neighbours, Hollyoaks, EastEnders, and did something else as well. But again, I can't remember what. Perhaps I was watching The Hitcher - that would make sense.

SSX 3 was delivered to me in record time yesterday. I'm absolutely certain that I only ordered it off Amazon Marketplace on Friday (or possibly late Thursday night) - I can't be bothered to double check. Quickest delivery ever. However, maybe that's not a good thing. I've become somewhat addicted to it, and I fear that it could become quite the vice during my essay-writing over the next few weeks. I will have to lock it away somewhere until the assignments are completed.

I finally ate my mackerel. After deciding to be a bit more adventurous, and consulting my Jamie's Kitchen cookbook by Jamie Oliver, I had to put it in white wine vinegar for 7 hours, and then in tequila, pomegranate juice, lime juice, ginger and sesame oil for another half hour. I didn't have any fennel to eat with it, and since it looked a bit bare, I thought I should have some pasta with it. But that isn't important. What is important is that I somewhat ruined the mackerel under the guidance of my flatmate Laurence. Without a shotglass to hand, I had to roughly guess the amount of tequila needed. The finished product tasted so strongly of it, that it was really fucking hard to swallow - all the same, it was alright I guess. I'm not ill. So it can't be bad.

I went out last night. Which was bad of me. All week, I have been saying to myself that Sunday will be the day that I sit down and do some serious work on my assignments. It didn't happen. To be fair, I've only been up around four hours. But I don't see myself being motivated enough to get on with anything today. So far, I've managed to have some cereal and a sandwich, and play on SSX 3 but that's about it. Now I'm watching The Italian Job though - but then that still isn't in anyway course-related. Unless you count the fact that it's got the word 'Italian' in the title, and that The Merchant of Venice is set in Italy, and that this relation between the 1960's film, and Shakespeare's play, is somewhat relevant - then I guess I'm just continuing in my usual slacking routine.

On with the dossing...


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