Sunday, March 21, 2004


I never did get round to finishing my reading of Middlemarch or even the starting of the reading of Mythologies. BUT... I did finish reading The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde today. Though... that isn't really anything to brag about, since it's rather... short.

I am bored though. So, what must one do when they're bored? Watch old Buffy episodes - woohoo! I could have picked a better season than season six... but still, these things must be done. So far I've watched 'Doublemeat Palace', 'Dead Things', 'Older And Far Away' and 'As You Were' - basically the fourth tape of the season six collection. The Riley Finn (with added wife) comeback episode was a bit blurgh, but the rest were pretty okay. I could stand them. Except Spike flirting with Buffy. Though Angel was sickening... at least he wasn't stomach-churning, head-banging and disgustingly sickening.

Sometimes I wish my life was more productive than this. But mmmm.... cherry coke.