Monday, February 02, 2004

Woohoo! The Daft Shite Returns....

There's no real reason for my absence, since, unlike my flatmates, I've had no exams or anything mildly in a similar vein. Not for nearly a month now, anyhow. No, I've been happily sat down, doing nothing, most probably slowly contracting deep vein thrombosis like that kid on the TV. Oh the joy!

I have made good use of the time, however. After a brief two-day stint of course-related reading (Middlemarch - still not finished...), my concentration has been mostly taken by my videos. Today I watched The Spy Who Shagged Me for the first time in ages, along with The Usual Suspects, The Silence Of The Lambs, Memento and Se7en. Evidently, the most part of the day has been crime-oriented, and because of the pure abundance of criminal activity on screen, it was never going to be impossible that it could spill out off-screen. After the mid-break in Hollyoaks today, my worst fears came true - the fire alarm went off, meaning evacuation of the building, meaning missing the end of today's instalment. Obviously, due to the sheer length of time for the alarm to be cleared up, and also because God obviously doesn't see the point in ruining one intake of soapiness for the day, I missed Emmerdale too. I did have pizza, but without the therapeutic comfort of seeing people hard-done-by ALL THE TIME(!), surely it wasn't as nice as it could have been if I had been purged of my dirty discontent with that lovely televisual detergent.

I just hope that tomorrow's wash is a bit more fruitful.


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