Friday, February 20, 2004

Well, I did finish reading Great Expectations last Monday. You see, I got this delightful email from my Narrative tutor on the day of my last blog telling me that I had to have it read by Monday the 9th of February. I did have it read by the 9th of February, yet I did not have to have had it read by the 9th of February. Not for another week. Damn her for making me do reading in advance. Literally.

On the other hand, I've not quite finished reading A Journal of the Plague Year, even though that should have been read by Tuesday. It's boring. It's like those Italian Neo-Realist movies that I had to watch for my World Cinema unit on my Film Studies A2 course. If I wanted to watch something 'realist', I wouldn't. I'd check out a documentary. At least they're interesting. I managed Great Expectations purely because it is not wholly 'realist' and has elements of the fairy-tale and melodrama narratives and was actually entertaining. So far, the only bit of a thrill I've got from A Journal... is the account of those boarded up in their house who blew up their watchman with gunpowder to escape. Kind of reminded me of Chardonnay's burning titties. I'm not sure why. There was no escape involved in it. Perhaps it was just the ridiculousness of it.

However, I'm going to try and get loads of reading done this weekend. I'm thinking a little bit of Middlemarch, Barthes' Mythologies and perhaps those leaves of boredom that are Defoe's. Not mine. Why didn't the bastard keep them? Or at least keep them hidden from my over-entusiastic Victor Meldrew lookalike of a lecturer who was most probably the instigator of the novel's involvement in my course. Orality and Literacy? Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. I'll eat chocolate and get fat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm having to read this 'story' in my first year and i concur as to what a bore it is to read! 100 pages left, is it worthwhile finishing it to find out about how some more people left London and got quizzed everywhere they went!?

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