Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Today's journey of goodness included:

Taxi Driver
Great film! If only I had control of my own Travis Bickle! Not that I cannot see a Monsieur B in my entourage, but rather that I could use said person to my advantage. Of course, this wouldn't be to the good of humanity, or society even, e.g. Martin Scorsese's (or rather Paul Schrader's) anti-hero, or the T-101 in the Terminator sequels, but for the good of myself - extinguishing the outer demons which suddenly decide to threaten the stability of my existence.

Another great film. Also directed by the Martin Scorsese. Again, it provides some sort of wish fulfillment - why can't I be a gangster? Probably because I'm a fucking pussy and would run away ten minutes before a situation which those lovable rogues tend to involve themselves in arose. Besides, I've always been told that if you wish for something, you have to take the bad stuff with the good, and frankly, I don't want to end up in Her Majesty's 'Butt-fucking' Service, hooked on cocaine, or in the kind of relationship that the Hills had. Still, those Doggs are cool as ice.

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
Only read 148 pages, but I'm determined to be a little more successful in my reading of set texts from now on. I'm aiming to read at least 144 pages a day, so that, not only will I have read the book by the time of my first 'Narrative' seminar on Monday, but should also have got in some critical study. Which would be nice.

Other than a bit of cultural dabbling, I can't really profess to doing much else. Dickens distracted me from the idiot box, and pretty much everything. Though in about ten minutes from when I'm writing this sentence here, I shall be eating a ham and pineapple pizza - if that's something that you wish to know. (Note: a whole ham and pineapple pizza - yes, I am a fat cunt).

Once I've completed the rest of my jobs for the day (washing up and cleaning the bathroom), I might just flop out on my MADE bed for a bit of televisual entertainment. Yes, my life is about as exciting as a pork pie. Or any other un-noticeable object that always manages to pass detection.


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