Monday, December 01, 2003

Okay. I'm not pleased. Whilst contemplating a slight change in skins, I changed my mind and decided to revert back to the old one. However, just after I thought that I had re-entered all the information that was originally here... I deleted the word file that I had copied all that information to whilst changing skins. However, the template didn't save, and so, I have now lost the ability to utilise 'backblog'. Not that that's a really bad thing. It's not like many people used it anyway - that may have something to do with a severely low readership, but heck! I don't mind. Well, I do. Because now I've cocked up, so of course I mind. In fact, I'm slightly pissed off. My solution? Get 'pissed'. I'll get back to you 8 'tinnys' - as they're called on the little band on the top of the can - of Fosters later.


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