Friday, November 28, 2003

Rehab is for quitters...

I quit quitting then. I'm not sure what excuse I made to myself to allow myself to start smoking again. I think it might have been How else are you going to look intellectual and like somebody who doesn't give a fuck whilst drinking black coffee and reading a book that you don't really understand in the courtyard in Milldam building? Of course, this totally ignores the fact that it is, in the long run, a very stupid activity (risk of cancer, etc.), but ARGH!

I also crossed the hypocrisy line about a week ago when I joined in with joint smoking flatmates. After about 3 hours of 'partying' at Route 66, a little inebriated, I continued to 'party' at home. When the girl opposite you looks totally fucked, but at the same time, slightly beautiful, how can you not accept the ticket to the 'I'm a bum' train station? I guess it's pretty easy - say no thanks, that's not my type of thing. But NO! NO! Russell, don't be sensible! Take that spliff and smoke away. WHY!? Because I'm stupid. Explains it all really.


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