Wednesday, November 05, 2003

My own personal Taxi Driver

Shitfuckbollocks, it's been a while! But after a day of pretty much non-eventfulness... that would be me seeing Matrix Revolutions then... I thought I better tell you all about, as opposed to my making my presence felt at other times...

Well, since my last visit, I've very much settled into halls down at the great Pompey Uni (I say great, but I'm sure that does it more than justice should allow it), and I've had... an experience. The first Thursday night involved three bottles of wine and a loss of memory, though my flatmates very kindly left me some mementos in the form of photos and videos for my perusal... the evils of alcohol... of course, I never learn... due to give a talk on Keats for my poetry seminar this tuesday... what do I do? Go and get rocked at 'flares' on £1 VK ices... stupid boy.

Anyways, Matrix Revolutions... what a pile of pseudo-philosophical bullshit... I still prefer the original for my kicks... Wazowski schmawoski... nail their fucking mouths shut and cut off their hands... then perhaps they'll have the whole apparent mythology alone... bastards!

But I heard far worse problems with my very own Travis Bickle... I won't mention any names for anonymity's sake, but I'm starting to worry that this 'friend' of mine might just driving a taxi and gunning down pimps with all his rants on the scum of the earth... that award of his doesn't seem so harsh anymore.

Better get lost though... having serious addiction issues with Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec... guess it beats cigarettes and alcohol... but I don't see me giving them up either... again... stupid boy!


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