Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I heart Matt Lucas and David Walliams

...but I prefer Rock Profile to Little Britain.

Though I very much like Vicky, but "Gary hasn't even got any pubes".

All the same, I feel somewhat ashamed of myself. I feel as if my time could, and should, be more productively spent reading poetry with a political perspective (don't ask me to name any poems in particular, because, I haven't done the reading, as is quite obvious by my watching Little Britain - before that: Four Weddings and a Funeral), or even something related to literary criticism. [Oh, I like that Fat Fighters character as well]. [Oh, and that guy with the waistcoat and the little flute].

Why is that my motivation is somewhat lacking today? Why is that my motivation is somewhat lacking everyday? Emmerdale, EastEnders, Holby City, Celebrity Wife Swap AND Westworld are all on later, so I bet I won't be doing anything 'productive' then either.

["Helsinki" - Never been there. But I have thought about it, as this may or may not inform you. It should].

Perhaps I should just try and be 'productive' without motivation. It could be a new movement of mine: 'Lazy Bastardism'. The idea that anybody can do anything without any inspiration whatsoever. And also, that in it's lack of effort, it will show an effortless beauty [because even if it's crappy and ugly, that can just be considered to be beautiful too... in a crappy and ugly way], and I will be esteemed above all that have ever been inspired to do something before me. Why? Because I wasn't inspired, I just simply did, because let's face it, you don't often find your own personal burning bush.


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