Sunday, November 30, 2003

I am currently reading a handout entitled 'Cultural Materialism: Literature and Dissident Politics'. Or, more accurately, trying to read.

It was handed out in last week's Drama Foundation seminar. We are currently studying Shakespeare's Hamlet. I have no idea how this handout is relevant to this study. It seems to be more interested in detailing Cultural Materialism's history as a critical practice of interpreting literature - and the nuances of this practice as different critics try to define 'CM' - than anything else. Am I, some how, supposed to adopt this critical stance in my reading of the play? Or did my seminar tutor just hand out these sheets for a laugh at our expense?




I give up. Hopefully somebody who gave a toss - probably just the seminar tutor then - will explain all tomorrow. My theory is, that we're supposed to get an idea of Cultural Materialism, and then work our own ideas about Hamlet using that critical stance. I'll bullshit - as per.


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