Sunday, September 14, 2003

Pizzaface Returns!

Okay it's been a while, and I'm sorry. Truly, I am. Things have changed over the course of my full-time employment at the local 'Londis' convenience store. I've become really lazy and just can't be arsed to do fuck all. Okay, I lied. Nothing's changed.

But today, I thought I would. Do something, that is. Yesterday, I went a bit of a mental shopping spree with Dave. It started off fine in HMV, because there weren't many videos or DVDs on sale that were cheaper than on Amazon. I only spent £30 there. That on it's own would have been fine. But then I made the big mistake of suggesting that we go to Sounds Familiar up in the sunny Island district of Nodehill. BIG MISTAKE! I ended up buying another 11 videos, which although only came to a total of £34, brought the grand total of money spent on that day to £64, and that's before I bought myself lunch, went to the cinema and then for some drinks in Yates'. Did I mention that I also have to pay for my £1k laptop. Yeah, I'm M.A.D!

It was a good day though. After some unneccessary anxiety spurred on by that manipulative shit-stirrer, Alex (wink, wink - only kidding), it was a relief.

The evening, however, was a tad droll. It was nice to be with my friends, it was just I was tired and we didn't really seem to do anything... which is about what I do all the time, but when I do nothing, it seems to be so much more fulfilling... I've decided that I like to nothing by myself, and something with everybody else, if that makes sense...

Today, then was a trip to the car boot sale, where, you guessed it, I bought even more videos, a couple of books and a Garfield soft toy... of course, they're all pretty good bargains, because they're things that somebody else esteemed to be junk. But again, there was more expenditure... I really have to learn to budget, especially considering the whole University thing coming up soon.

Then tonight, it's a drinking sesh down at the Hogshead. MORE MONEY TO BE SPENT! *sigh*

Well, I guess I'll fuck off again, and watch some movies or something, and if you're lucky, I might build up the energy to actually blog again for once... (did I say lucky?...)

N.B. Don't go and see American Pie: The Wedding. It's, erm, how should I phrase this?... it's, erm, SHIT! (Except perhaps for Jim's bachelor party, but not much else)


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