Friday, September 26, 2003

As evil as it may sound, I would really like to shoot my mother in that big fat mouth of hers at the moment. It's pure fucking poison! There you are trying to watch a wonderfully crap film... (well, perhaps not wonderfully...), say, I Know What You Did Last Summer and she's banging on about how much in the way you are, or how I foil every single plan of hers in life. I bet she's wishing she did have that abortion... *sigh*

Anyhow... today is the day before the day when my life changes again. And it's mindnumbingly boring. I mean, there's plenty of stuff that I could do, but it's all really boring, and I really can't be bothered to do it. I guess that's what they call D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.O.N. Roll on the time when paperwork just vanishes.

Saying that, I did get round to sorting out my insurance today... sixty-three quid bloody wasted on protecting stuff that probably won't get stolen (touch wood... or maybe not... I want to make that insurance bloody well worth it)... *sigh* again...

Worst of all about this moving into halls shit is the tv licensing. I've been advised to wait to get my license until Wednesday when the month of October finally begins. WHAT!? I CAN'T WATCH TV UNTIL WEDNESDAY!? WHAT!? *cries* I suppose I could always watch it illegally, but having publicised that possibility, I guess it's not really a good idea. Looks like I'll be stuck with books and magazines for four days. If worse comes to worse, I could always watch a DVD on my laptop... never done it before... bet it won't fucking work... *growls*


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