Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Some Like It Hot apparently - I wouldn't know, because Cineworld are a load of cockish cuntonians
In case you haven't figured it out then. I didn't get to see Some Like It Hot this evening. Why, one might ask. Well, let me tell you. It was, according to Cineworld, due to circumtances outside their control. Yeah, fucking right. Very fucking out of your control. So out of your control that you couldn't send even a sample email to those on the I.O.W. mailing list to tell them this. So out of your control that people did not find out until the day itself. For me, it wasn't such a problem. I don't have far to walk, and while I would have liked to see the movie on the big screen, I hadn't made the effort that some had made, unneccessarily I might add. So, unfortunately (and I mean unfortunately), we had to resort to The Actors. Let me tell you now, it was funny in your old 'top o'the world t'ya, ya fookin' eejit' sense, but less so in the funny sense. In the end the film is saved basically by the Irish accent which provides the only humour, and though Caine, as always, puts in a good show, it's the film that lacks, and unfortunately, he's brought down with it, it's not brought up by him.

[Note: I was trying to think of one good film that Caine has starred in, that I have seen anyhow, that was not Zulu or The Cider House Rules. Joey, you can kiss my ass - The Muppet Christmas Carol! Go on! Pucker up!]

Anyways, I'm off to bed now. I must read more, more, more of Watchmen, and when I've done that, I must exert my highly significant influence upon the film industry and urge them to fund Gilliam's much-debated adaptation. Yeah, I wish. Night all!


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