Friday, May 30, 2003

Money doesn't grow on trees, y'know? It grows on celebrity databases ran by a overt branch of the BBC
Ahh... I almost forgot! CELEBDAQ!!! Well, my initial worth of £10,000 has now increased six-fold, so I'm really happy. I'm almost a 0.1millionaire! Yay! Have now sold my shares in Keanu Reeves though, fearing that he won't be on the up forever, and there may be a bit of down between now and Revolutions. In the near future, however, like tomorrow, I think, I shall be looking for shares in that ol' prune (and former cheeky monkey/devil) Jack Nicholson: Anger Management is released in the UK on June 6 after all. And whilst he is probably out of the interests of most readers, he is bound to get some sort of publicity in the lead up to the movie's release. Besides, if I just post something on the message board saying he's the next best thing, the majority of the sheep that play the game, will probably agree and buy shit loads anyway - thus raising the cost of shares that way.


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