Monday, May 26, 2003

Life is like a pack of Revels - alright, except for the orange ones...
Seems like there might be some technical difficulties. Computers really aren't that different to human beings, and still are subject to the influence of others. Whilst I am bored and lonely, fretting over the onset of upcoming examinations, waiting for tonight to come, and basically just dossing, attempting to read a copy of Watchmen that a friend has lent me, the internet seems to be experiencing some difficulties in presenting this blog in its crisp and beautiful wonder. I know, I know, quit with the modesty I hear you cry. It's so much better than that, I know. I just don't want to rub all your noses in it. [Please, somebody, sponsor me! I want to get REAL PAID! - not from some crummy part-time job in a fish and chip shop. REAL PAID!]

Anyhow, my little visit to the shops was a little inconsequential. Whilst they did have copies of Rush Hour in stock, in both WHSmith AND HMV[!!! - Now there's a first], they were both in the DVD format and, in my eyes, slightly overpriced. I'm not paying £20 for it after all! And the John Ford biography, well, that just wasn't there. So, as I said, the trip was inconsequential, and not really much point. All I ended up buying was a bottle of Coca Cola Vanilla, which I didn't quite see the point of - the purchase, as well as its manufacture - and an M&M brownie, which I do see the point of - both the purchase and the manafacture [they're so yummy! - haven't eaten it yet though]. So, a good day's work then. I'll just get back to reading Watchmen.


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