Friday, May 16, 2003

Keanu, ring me on my public telephone booth, yah?
Firstly, top marks to the BBC for getting 'celebdaq' back up and running. I only heard of the thing a couple of days ago on Chris Moyles' show on Radio 1, but was sorely disappointed that after only one day of playing, the site had to be closed down for maintenance. There's one thing going cold turkey, but going cold turkey just one day after the beginning of your addiction is a little, well, harsh. Anyways, it is now back, so I should stop my moaning. Or should I?

Well, before the site was closed, I quite clearly remember buying shares in Mr. Reeves, and his soundtrack compadre, Monsieur Marilyn Manson. While I couldn't particularly give a toss in Manson, the fact that Mr. Reeves' shares went up over the last 24 hours, according to Celebdaq combined with the fact that I lost my shares in Keanu post-maintenance, means that I never earnt the profit. Argh!

Secondly, and some might think I'm a bit late in saying this - nearly two months late, in fact - but how much more stupid can Empire magazine's Alan Morrison be? Reading the May 2003 issue of THE movie magazine, I came across the review for the as-of-yet-unseen (for me anyway) Phone Booth, in which the guy tries to tell me that "The role of the sniper was re-cast and re-shot (to give away the identity of the actor is a bit of a spoiler)." So, it's not Kiefer Sutherland, then? I haven't even seen the film and I know who the fucking actor is! It's not like it's difficult! You see the trailer, and you're like, 'Oh! That voice sounds familiar. Could it be Kiefer Sutherland riding on the back of the ridiculous 24?' I mean, please.

But I guess it's not only that! In spite of Farrell's fitting quite perfectly into the definition of 'prolific' in recent times, he certainly hasn't built up the kind of fanbase as Mr. Sutherland has. I haven't seen any appreciation of Farrell's work reach fever pitch a la 24! As this is the case, it seems a little naive to think that the identity of the actor playing the sniper could be kept a secret. After all, the producers are hardly not going to use Kiefer as a selling point. So, tune fucking in Morrison matey-poo. Don't be a plonker.

Then again, I haven't seen the film, and I could be taking everything that the man says out of context. I guess I'll have to wait and see. I'll get back to you next Monday.


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