Monday, May 19, 2003

Hey Keanu, ring me on my mobile! I'm staying well clear of my public telephone booth from now on
Well I'm back from Phone Booth as you've probably guessed, but whilst that succeded in being a rather good reward for my psych exam today, to come home and find your laptop doesn't like you anymore and won't let you get into it, isn't quite so rewarding. Fucking thing.

I would go into how much I liked the movie and why, but now I'm just pissed off. Is this some fucking egotistical shit of a sniper's idea of teaching me a lesson? Does God just want to show me that loving my laptop is wrong? Well, love is such a strong word, when really it's just a strong liking, but fuck fuck! Why me? Why do computers always break down on fucking me? So, I'll have to take the thing back in tomorrow, and look like a retard as I bring it back in again for the second time. I've had it for what... five fucking minutes. God!

I promise that once I've cooled down a little, I'll resume movie-talk, but this is all so bloody wrong!


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