Monday, May 19, 2003

Analyze THIS, fucker!
Right. Now that's one psychology exam out of the way. "Whoop-de-doo!" all of you say - I say all, but it's quite obvious that I'm talking to only one or two people here, including myself - well, I agree, the less said about that the better. I guess I'm just stopping off to say I am going to see Phone Booth this evening. I wasn't going to, but decided it would probably do to give myself an hour's break. If I fail my exams, so what! I can always work in Brother's for the rest of my life! Anyhow, if I don't get back with a blog of some sort re:Phone Booth tonight, then I'll try to get one on it's way to you by tomorrow evening (post-10.30pm). This should be an exciting week! Bye.


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